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UM Password Set/Reset

This tool allows you to set you initial password or reset a forgotten password on any of the following system:

  • ForUM
  • UM Windows Network (a.k.a. Active Directory)
  • Entourage (Mac email client)

To set your password, fill out the following information. Note that passwords must meet certain requirements(see below).

All fields are required.
User Name: Example: jsmith or smithj
Last Name: Example: Smith
First Name: Example: Jane
UM Student/Employee ID: Example: M12345678 (Student/Employee ID)
Last 4 digits of your SSN or I-20 Form #: Example:  If your Social Security Number is 999-00-4455, you would type 4455.
2-digit Month and Day of birth: // Example: If your birth date is 01-30-1982, the Month would be 01 and the Day would be 30.
New Password: Confirm Password:

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Your password should be easy for you to remember, but hard for someone else to guess.

These two goals are not always easy to achieve simultaneously.

The following procedure may help you develop strong passwords you can remember.

  1. Think of a favorite quote, phrase or song lyric. For example, “Four score and seven years ago…”.

  2. Take the first syllable from each word of your quote: “Four Score And Seven Years Ago” becomes “fsasya”.

  3. Take your new “word” and capitalize some of the letters: fSaSya.

  4. Add at least one numeral and/or special character:  fSaSya7!

  5. Make sure the final password is at least 8 characters long.

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UM Network Passwords must conform to the following standard:

  1. Passwords must be at least eight (8) characters long

  2. New passwords should not be similar to old passwords

  3. Your password may not contain your username or name

  4. Passwords must contain characters from at least three (3) of the following four (4) categories:

  • Uppercase Letters (A - Z)

  • Lowercase Letters (a - z)

  • Numerals (0 - 9)

  • Special Characters (Do Not Use "@")(for example: !#$%)


Please contact the Technology Services Help Desk at 205-665-6520 for assistance.